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Best Beer Bar in San Francisco and San Rafael.

Come to a Pizza Orgasmica store near you and enjoy our beers - from Pilsner malt beer, Kölsch, Pale Ale, Raspberry Hefeweizen, Porter, I.P.A. our Orgasmica beers are delicious - Great choice for the Warriors Game or any sports events - Don't jus go to any beer bar or pub - Come to Pizza Orgasmica in San Francisco and San Rafael for the best beer in town!










Gostosa™ Pilsner

The Orgasmica® Gostosa™  Named for the Portuguese word meaning "delicious." This beer is brewed with traditional German pilsner malt with hops and yeast from the Czech Republic. It is light bodied and extra refreshing


The Orgasmica® Kölsch is a light-bodied and mildly hopped ale of the style brewed in the German city of Cologne (Köln) which is cold-aged like a lager.


Orgasmica® Pale

Ale is a full-bodied yet clean finishing American-style pale ale. Mild hopping in all three additions: bittering, flavoring, and aroma - combines with pale malts for a refreshing, tasty, and very drinkable pint.

Blueberry Best Bitter

Blueberry Best Bitter

A British-style pub ale - A "best bitter" - meets that all-American fruit, the blueberry. A pale ale mildly-hopped beer ideal for summertime or anytime!


Raspberry Hefeweizen

A German style wheat beer with natural extract of raspberries. The raspberries add a touch of tartness that cuts through the residual sweetness of the wheat, making the traditional lemon wedge optional.


4 Grain Hefeweizen

A Hefeweizen unlike any you’ve tried before. Unfiltered, Full Bodied, and very complex, the 4 different grains (barley, wheat, rye, & oats) combine with the German yeast strain we use to produce a big but smooth finishing and thirst quenching.




Dark and smooth, rich and creamy, strong and complex, this classic English-style porter ale packs quite a punch at 8% alcohol. We run this beer on nitrogen blend gas to accentuate the smoothness, so it takes a little longer to pour – It’s well worth it


Amber Ale

A darker, maltier, more full bodied beer. Dark crystal malts provide a rich, colorful base for a good dose of Northwest hops.


Peach Pale Ale

A British style pale ale flavored with extract of peach. A well balanced beer made with British fuggles hops and a touch of Northwest cascade to help bring out the peach flavor in the finish.






A California style India Pale Ale, using distinctively citrus flavored northwest hops and a lot of them... A crisp ale with a definite bite, balanced with a full bodied maltiness and higher alcohol content.


Golden Ale

A Pale Golden colored, light bodied ale in the style of a classic American cream ale using only pale malts & German hops.